Felight – An Educational service started by Flamboyanz for IT professionals and Freshers

It’s all started for hunting the creative talent in Youth. Back in 2007 we (bunch of creative folks either working as leads or project managers in different MNC) decided to develop an innovative App while having a dinner in restaurant. The Idea evolved over a period of time and the technology was ready for implementing the Idea thus the conceptualization started. Yes there were barriers we encountered in terms of finance and by other means. As we had the entrepreneurial qualities it was not too difficult to realize that there is a smart way of getting the required talent with less cost. That’s how the FELIGHT is established. Today FELIGHT has fine tuned many talents like you across the globe.

We train the student from the industry requirement perspective and not only we guide you to become master of one but also prepare you to be a smart to get the job. Our approach is simply a practical approach. Let’s say an App is downloaded around 100000 times and your name is there in the credits!!! .Just one bullet of FELIGHT keeps your resume on top of others.

We are pioneers in training the working professionals, fresher’s, students to enter into the Era of Mobile Apps. We request students to visit FELIGHT during weekends (Saturday/Sunday) as you get to talk to the working professionals who can guide you the proper things.

You can visit felight.com for more information.

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