Quality Management

Flamboyanz takes an uncompromising point in respect to quality. Flamboyanz Quality Management System is a State-Of-The-Art Procedure that defines high quality of delivered software through the entire workflow.

Flamboyanz QA team consists of skilled QAs and experienced six sigma black belt professionals who are involved into the projects on an as-needed basis. Since the QA team works independently, their work is free from any pressure from the development team.

At Flamboyanz, quality is considered as the most powerful factor to capture, retain, and enlarge customer base in the modern business scenario. Achieving customer satisfaction is the essential business of business and quality management is the most effective enterprise strategy that we use at Flamboyanz. Flamboyanz state-of-the-art quality management is an embodiment of concepts, methods, and applications. In the last few years, Flamboyanz has witnessed to many real life success stories of small scale as well as MNCs.

At Flamboyanz, planning and achieving higher level of quality is fundamental to the successful operation of enterprises, which necessitates understanding and managing various dynamics in an organization in order to set goals and judiciously deploy resources. The efficiency and effectiveness with which resources are obtained and utilized has depended upon the good management practices that the organization follows.

Flamboyanz quality management also necessitates how well the system measures, monitors, and improves different metrics related to the business processes. Interrelationships among the business processes, their metrics, and the organizational achievement are influenced by how well an Flamboyanz deals with issues related to quality.

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